Pelargir: Grimslade's Greaves (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Track down a thief in the Pelargir market.

  • Magnificent steel greaves.

  • From Pelargir signpost.

    do gate,2sw,5w,n,2ne,se,s,se,s,nw

  • Find the thief in the store then let the smith know about him. Catch the thief and then take him to the clerk of the guard.

  • You can leave to heal if the thief is too difficult to beat down in one go, however you will need to return very quickly (maybe 2 minutes maximum) or the thief will escape.

  • Wait in the store until you are informed about a thief, you will see some text starting You notice a slight movement near the artisan smith's stall in the corner of your eye..

    notify grimslade about thief

    Wait until Grimslade asks you to catch the thief.

    catch thief

    Wait until the thief tries to steal again, when he does you will either catch him there, or he will escape. If he escapes follow the directions he is heading and attempt to catch him again.

    catch thief

    After catching the thief you need to take him to the Clerk, from Grimslades's stall do the following. Somewhere on the route the thief will slip his bonds and attack you, you need to beat him down into submission. As you are going to be attacked, it would probably be wise to do the commands one at a time.

    do se,n,nw,n,nw,2sw,2s,4w,5n,w,d

    After beating the thief down into submission, continue to Falgafir, the guard clerk.

    The thief will accuse you of being the thief by saying That's interesting... Is that true?, so you need to tell the clerk you are not.

    say no

    Then the clerk will ask you why you are there So, why are you here then? Did this man steal something or what?

    say yes

    There is a chance that the clerk will not believe you, and you will be thrown into the jail, most of the time he will believe you and he will throw the thief in jail. If you are placed in jail you simply need to wait 5 minutes in order to escape, if he throws the thief in jail he will provide you with a note to show to Grimslade. Take the note back to Grimslade.

    do u,e,5s,4e,2n,2ne,se,s,se,s,nw,give note to grimslade

    Grimslade will thank you and tell you to go to his wife for a tasty reward. So head to his house.

    do se,n,nw,n,nw,2sw,2s,6w,2n,e,give note to maell

    She will inform you that a pie is no reward for someone brave enough to catch a thief and will instead give you some greaves as reward, also telling you that you should show them to Grimslade.

    The next part is optional but gives you a little more of the story.

    do w,2s,6e,2n,2ne,se,s,se,s,nw,show greaves to grimslade

    He will accuse you of harming his wife and then run off to check on her.

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