Welcome to The Two Towers (T2T) info site.

This site aims to be a complete resource of information for the MUD "The Two Towers" (Also known as T2T). We currently list as many quests as possible, however not all of them have full information yet. We are adding more information daily, so check back often.

If you do not know what T2T is then you can get more information from http://t2tmud.org (If that does not work you can try http://t2tmud.com or http://towers.corebound.org or You can also telnet to those addresses on port 9999 in order to connect directly to the mud.

If you're just looking for a new quest to figure out or explore, then why not try our new "Check Your Quests" feature. By submitting the list of quests you have completed, this will check against our database and tell you which quests you have not yet done. Why not check it out?

If you would like to contribute to the site, then either mail us directly at t2tinfo@corebound.org or head to the Contact Us page. If you simply want to add a description for a specific quest, browse to that quest using the Search Page or the links on the left, and click on the text which says "You can also submit the data directly on the site by clicking here".

Several people have asked me to add a donate button to the site so people can contribute. I would much prefer that people donated to the mud to keep that running (as without that there isn't really a reason for this site). You can donate to the mud by going to the T2T Mud Website and then clicking on the Paypal donate link on the left hand side. If you would prefer to donate via email then you can make a Paypal payment to donations@t2tmud.org. All of this information is vailable via the command "help donations" from within the game itself as well or this page on the main website.

We would like to thank everyone who has supplied information (described, quests, missing quest names, contributions and anything else) for the site, without you the site would not be as good as it is. If anyone else would like to help out and would like your name added here then mention so in your contributions, if you do not specifically state you are happy to have your name on the site, we will not publish it. You are also welcome to submit data anonymously if you would like to ensure your identity is kept private. A special thanks goes out to the following people

  • The many people who have contributed but do not wish to be named
  • Auri
  • Daywalker

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