Eriador: Serpent Sword

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Recommended Level
  • Description

    Explore the depths of a pirate ship.

  • A serpent sword.

  • From Bree signpost.

    do 37s,12w

  • Explore the ship thoroughly until you find out how to get to the hold. Once in the hold kill the wraith there to obtain the sword.

  • You can get A small keg of rum from the entrance to the quest.

    search sand

    Whilst you are inside the ship you can obtain 30-50 gold. From the entrance.

    do swim,climb rope,in,e,cut mattress

  • do swim,climb rope,in,d,2n,push crate

    You will be attacked by two A hideous skeleton. When they are dead you should prepare, as once you kill the next monster you have a limited time to get out as the ship will start sinking. It would also be wise to have some form of light.

    do stairway,kill wraith

    When An evil wraith dies it will disappear and drop everything it was carrying. You will see Suddenly, the ship lurches under you, nearly knocking you off your feet! In an instant you realize the ship has slipped off the reef and is beginning to sink with you aboard. You better get off the ship in a hurry, or you will be forever entombed in the wreck at the bottom of the sea..

    do get gold,get serpent sword,u,2s,u,out,d

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