Frogmorton: Dragon Dagger

Quest Info

Recommended Level
Maximum Level
  • Description

    Fight some Hobbits, and raid their cellar for a good dagger.

  • A dragon dagger and A gold bracelet.

  • From Bywater signpost.

    do s,5e,n,nw,3e

  • Find a way into the closed inn. Then discover the hidden cellar and find a container hidden inside. You will also need to find a key to open the hidden container.

  • You can find A bottle of beer in the cellar, however it will not heal you when you drink it. From where the quest ends (Cellar).

    rummage through crates

  • do 3w,enter,kill old hobbit

    When Old hobbit is dead.

    get key from corpse

    This will give you A tiny skeleton key.

    do out,3e,kill shirriff

    When A lazy shirriff is dead.

    do slide window,climb through window,e,shift mat

    You will probably need your light source for the next part.

    do cellar,climb shelves,wiggle stone,unlock box with skeleton key,drop key,open box,get dagger from box

    This will give you your reward and quest point. There is also a bracelet in the box.

    get bracelet from box

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