Esgaroth: Thunderstorm Spell (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Rescue a captured daughter.

  • The spell Thunderstorm or A scroll containing the spell thunderstorm.

  • From Esgaroth signpost.


  • Rescue the girl by slaying the 2 orcs that have her captured.

  • In Old Laketown you can find A sapphire.


    If you see Alas, nothing of worth is left here. then either the quest is out or you failed the random check (you have a roughly 20% chance to find the gem, so if you search 5 times and you get the same message ach time then it is likely the gem is out).

    If A battered girl stares at you with fire in her eyes starts bleeding you can bandage her wounds to try and prevent her from dying (this will also focus the orcs attacks on you instead of her).

  • do n,2se,free girl

    A battered girl stares at you with fire in her eyes will be freed, and you will both be attacked by two An angry orc rushes about. The two orcs will start by focussing their attacks on the girl. When they are both dead the girl will thank you and give you A malachite bracelet.

    do 2nw,s,give braclet to man

    A lost and desperate man stares out over the lake will thank you and give you your reward.

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