Pelargir: Old House Arson (tracked)

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Recommended Level
  • Description

    Burn down a house.

  • A thick hooded cloak of Gondor and A spiked steel axe of Gondor or A tarnished metal necklace or 200 gold.

  • From Pelargir signpost.

    do gate,2sw,6w,3s,e

  • Locate the materials to start a fire in the house. Start the fire, then escape before you are burnt alive. Search through the debris for your reward.

  • The snake in this quest has very high dodge so it may take some time to kill it, be careful of the poison it can apply.

    The reward is random, you will either get the axe and cloak, or the necklace.

    The axe is better depending on how much tactics you have, a maxxed warrior will wield the weapon to its full potential.

    The axe also has a special function "thrust" which will cause damage to an enemy.

    thrust <enemy>

    The closet and the shed in this house are lockable but have no key, so be careful some nefarious person doesn't lock you in there.

    Do not quit inside the house after the fire has been started, you will be killed instantly.

  • Go inside the house and find the closet.

    do enter,e,u,closet,rummage through pile.

    This will bring out A sinister black snake you have to kill, be careful as the snake can poison you. Once the snake is dead you will require a knife of some sort.

    do rummage through pile,get pack,wield knife,slice pack,get strips,out,d,yard,shed,rummage through jars,dip strips in oil,out,5pull grass,get all grass into pack,house,s,e,d

    Now, it would be wise to have some healing with you (food will do) and heal any poison you may have before you undertake the next part as you will take a high amount of damage.

    do place strips under pile,get grass from pack,stuff grass into pile,get grass from pack,stuff grass into pile,get grass from pack,stuff grass into pile,get grass from pack,stuff grass into pile,get grass from pack,stuff grass into pile

    The next command will set the house on fire, so make sure you have full health and are prepared, you will take a large amount of damage. It takes a couple of minutes for the house to fully burn so you do have some time.

    Each room you move has a random chance to prevent you from moving and take some damage with a message of A flame bursts up in front of you, searing skin painfully!, you will need to retry that move again so perform these commands one at a time, not in a single do command.

    At some point in the next set of commands you will fall through the floor and end up back in the cellar, taking a large amount of damage, this is normal and unavoidable.

    do kindle pile,u,w,n,w

    You will now be knocked unconscious and sent back to the cellar where you started the fire, wait until you are conscious and heal up any health you feel you may need. Then we will try to escape again. As before you may be prevented from moving at each step, so perform these commands one at a time, pay attention to your health and retry any direction you need to.

    do u,w,n,w,out

    Now wait until the house collapses completely (killing anyone unfortnate enough to be left inside).

    do rummage through pile,bash box,open box,get all from box

    You now have your reward.

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