Druadan: Rescuing Wose Boy (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Rescue a young tribesman from a trap.

  • The spear of the hunter or The spell Barkskin or A scroll containing the spell barkskin.

  • From the Western Osgiliath signpost (West of Osgiliath).

    do 2n,10w

  • Find a trapped boy hanging from a tree, then find a way to get him down and bring him back to the village.

  • do village,get strap from drum

    There should have been A drum here and you will have taken A leather strap from it.


    There are some traps in this room, if you want to know how to avoid them click on the spoiler.

    do look roof,look under mat

    get belt

    This will give you A wide belt

    do out,forest

    Hopefully there is A sharp carving knife here, if not you will have to find your own knife from somewhere (any knife will do).

    get knife

    You will now need to find a spear from somewhere (any spear will do, A woses warrior guards the entrance has one but you may not want to kill inside this camp if you are helping them out). Once you have a knife, spear and the leather strap on you (The leather strap does not take a hand).

    tie spear to knife

    This will give you A spear with a blade tied to the end and will destroy the knife, strap and spear (You will not be able to get them back).

    Now you will have to find a room in Druadan Forest which contains A boy swings from a high branch in the tree. The area is not very large so this should not take long (he may not be there).

    There are some traps in the forest which will take 20HP from you when you trigger them. If you would like to avoid them, then click on the spoiler and do that after entering a room.

    look needles

    Once you have found him you will need A wide belt and A spear with a blade tied to the end in your hands.

    do climb tree,cut net

    You will now need both hands free.

    get body

    This will give you The body of an unconscious boy.

    Now you need to head back to the Druadan village, once you are there.

    do village,s,give body to shaman

    A woses shaman will thank you and ask you to get something for her.Shaman says: Me boy sick and going die soon. You bring me mushroom from fire hill in east; I make him good again. I give you special reward. Must be that specific type mushroom; no other good for this ill..

    do out,forest,4e,n,path,n,get mushroom

    This will give you A large mushroom.

    do s,path,s,4w,village,s,give mushroom to shaman

    A woses shaman will thank youa nd give you a choice of reward.Shaman says: I give you reward. You have choice: spell or weapon. I give you that choice. You choose..

    If you would like The spear of the hunter.

    choose weapon

    If you would like the spell or A scroll containing the spell barkskin.

    choose spell

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