East Forest: Baby Monkey

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Recommended Level
  • Description

    Find a home for an orphaned baby spider monkey.

  • A sharp machete.

  • From Tavorus signpost.

    do s,w,2n

  • Kill spider monkeys in the forest until you find a baby spider monkey, then take the baby to the mad monkey fan.

  • First you will need to explore The Eastern Forest until you find A spider-monkey swings on a tree. When you find one kill it.

    kill monkey

    Keep killing monkeys until you see After the spider-monkey breathes its last breath, you notice a little animal jump down from a nearby branch and approach the corpse. Oh no! It appears that the slain monkey was a female, and this poor little thing is her child; she must have left her mother's back just before the fight. The little baby monkey prods the corpse a few times as if trying to wake her up... After she realizes that her mother is dead, she chirps sadly and looks at you with sadness in her little eyes.. You are now allowed to feel like a horrible person. Once you have come to terms with that.

    catch baby monkey

    You will now get A baby spider-monkey. At this point you should return to the start of this quest.

    do hut,give baby monkey to quayel

    Quayel the Mad will fawn over the baby monkey and then give you your reward.

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