Mirkwood Mtns: Abandoned Cave (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Find a hidden treasure in a cave.

  • A burnished steel flask or 100-200 gold.

  • From Thranduils signpost.

    do 12s,2w,path,w,s

  • Kill the thief for the key, then locate the hidden room with the treasure

  • There is a small amount of healing inside the quest, from the thief.

    do 2n,drink water

    The flask reward can be drunk up to 5 times to receive some healing.

  • First, kill the A silent thief.

    kill thief

    Once the thief is dead, get the A glass bottle of oil from the A large, gray cloth pack and the A keyring containing 4 keys.

    do get pack from corpse,open pack,get oil from pack,drop pack,get keyring from corpse,n,push carving,unlock west door with azure key,w,pour oil on chest,open chest,get all from chest

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