Shire: Maella's Medicine

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Prepare the medicine Maella requires.

  • 55 gold.

  • From Bywater signpost.

    do 4s,e

  • Help out Maella by fetching and preparing the medicine she requires. Travel to the wilds near Rivendell to seek out Taurnil the ranger who can help you with this and tell you what to do.

  • do hole,e,offer help

    Maella lies in bed will ask you fetch her medicine Maella says: Thank you for your assistance. I need you to go to Rivendell and find Taurnil. He is a wise old ranger, who can be found around the wilds of Rivendell. I trust him with my life for he has helped me before. Please ask him about me... I need my medicine... Please hurry!.

    do w,out,3n,5e,ne,4e,ne,6e,2se,ne,2e,se,7e,ne,3e,3ne,e,ne,e,ne,5e,se,7e,se,2e,2s,18e,2ne,2n,7e,search,get flower

    You will now get A liriope flower.

    do 7w,2s,2sw,2w,n,give flower to taurnil

    Taurnil the helpful ranger will see that you are helping Maella and will prepare the flower for you giving you Liriope flower petals. You can now ask him how to prepare the medicine if you desire.

    do 16w,n,2w,nw,7w,nw,5w,sw,w,sw,w,3sw,3w,sw,7w,nw,2w,sw,2nw,6w,sw,4w,sw,5w,3s,hole,s,open cupboard,get mortar from cupboard,put petals in mortar,grind petals,dump powder into kettle,drop mortar,heat kettle,get teacup from cupboard

    The kettle will now start to boil. When it has boiled After some time, the tea is finally heated into a medicinal tea..

    do pour tea into teacup,n,e,give cup to maella

    Maella, the happy little hobbit will thank you and give your your reward.

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