Azrazayan: Serpent's Tongue

Quest Info

Recommended Level
Maximum Level
  • Description

    A con artist has a hidden cache.

  • The serpent's tongue (Unique) or A sharp sabre and A red scabbard.

  • From Azrazayan signpost.

    do 2n,w

  • Offer to help Palelia. You will get more than you bargained for. When you awake you can search for an exit and find a some treasure on the way out

  • After starting this quest you will lose all the gold and items you have on you.

    assist palelia

    Palelia stands here will thank you and lead you into her house. After a short scene you will realise that you have been tricked. You will then be knocked unconscious and lose all of your gold and items (So it would be best to deposit at the bank and drop things before trying this quest).

    Once you regain consciousness.

    do move carpet,lift trapdoor,d,w,get scabbard,get sabre

    If the unique is in you will get The serpent's tongue and receive the quest point. If the unique is not in then you will get A sharp sabre and not receive the quest point.

    In order to escape from Secret exit you will have to swim.

    do swim w,swim s,n

    This will leave you back at Azrazayan signpost.

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