MT3: Wodewick's Potion (tracked)

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Recommended Level
Free Race only
  • Description

    Retrieve a long lost recipe for the brewer in Minas Tirith.

  • A phial of Roderick's Dream Potion and 50 gold.

  • From inside the gates of Minas Tirith.

    do 5s,2sw,gate,4ne,7n,4nw,gate,nw,2w,4sw,n

  • Locate the ingredients the brewer desires in order to contact his father. Drink the potion he gives you and then find out where the recipe for the invincibility potion is.

  • The keg of Aule's Hammer will cost you 400 gold, however it does not need to be completely full. So you may order it beforehand and drink most of the contents before planting the mandrake plant.

    The phial does not have a lid and as such cannot be placed in a pack, however it may be placed in a strongbox.

    You did not used to have to speak to Sebastian in order to complete this quest, you merely had to find the key in the garden, this was changed and you now have to complete the whole quest.

    The Evil Race equivalent of this is the Blood Brew quest.

    If you return to Roderick too early, then he will let you know how many minutes you still have to wait.

  • do s,4ne,nw,get seeds,out,4sw,n,order 8,plant seeds in hammer

    Then you need to wait until the barrel disintegrates, this will leave you with A small mandrake plant. Present this plant to Roderick and he will give you a vial of dream potion.

    drink potion

    This will transport you to a dream world where you will meet with The ghost of Sebastian, Distiller of Spirits. He will start a conversation with you, here are the responses you should give.

    Sebastian says in Westron: Eh? You don't look dead, what are you doing here?

    say recipe

    Sebastian says in Westron: Hehe, sho that good for nothing shon of mine wantsh my reshipe, eh?

    Sebastian says in Westron: I bet he'd just love to get rich off hish old pop'sh geniush. Well, I'm not giving it to him, sho there.

    say please

    Sebastian says in Westron: Well, you sheem to be an agreeable pershon, why do you care if he getsh it or not?

    say soldiers

    Sebastian says in Westron: Hmm. Well, that'sh a deshent reashon if ever I've heard one.

    Sebastian says in Westron: Alright, I'll tell you where the reshipe is hidden.

    Sebastian says in Westron: Lishten up well and remember. The reshipe is behind a shecret panel in the vatroom of the brewery. The only key to it ish hidden very carefully in the gardensh. I hid it where no-one would think to look. In fact, I ushed to hide it in sheveral plashes, and now I can't remember where I hid it lasht.

    Sebastian says in Westron: Hey, where do you think you are going? Stop fading like that! Listen to me when I'm talking to you! HEY!

    After this you will re-appear back where you drank the potion.

    do s,3ne,2e,n

    Somewhere in this garden you will find Eidelwe, the old gardener, when you find him.

    do ask gardener about scissors,get scissors

    Return to the room we left you in A beautiful rose garden.

    do wield scissors,prune roses,approach wall,move brick,s,2w,3sw,2n,search vat,insert key into panel,slide panel,get paper,s,give recipe to roderick

    Roderick will reward you with some gold and will tell you to return in 10 minutes. If you return 10 minutes later he will give you the Dream Potion.

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