Galenwath: Steel Leggings (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
Free Race Only
  • Description

    Locate a weapon for a farmer.

  • A shiny set of steel leggings.

  • From Kadar South signpost.

    do 23s,35w,gate,nw

  • Retrieve something from the bottom of the well. Find someone who would like the item. Locate an underground cave and return a family heirloom to its rightful owner

  • You will need a fair amount of endurance for this, you should also have empty hands.

    do climb rope,climb down,dive,2climb up

    If you call back into the water you will start swimming, you will need to retry the last command. If you need to rest you can do so on the middle of the rope. Once you are back at The village square.

    do 2sw,s,give duck to man

    A short, stocky man will then open the locked door for you. You may require a light source for the next part.

    do e,push pile,pry board,hole,2e,n,ne,w

    If there is a rat in this room, then you will have to kill it.

    kill rat

    If there is no rat, or you have already killed it.

    do get sword,e,break through wall,swing onto rope

    You should now have your hands free and plenty of endurance.

    climb up

    If you fall, repeat the same process as before. As soon as you are back in The village square you will be knocked unconscious by A haradrim lackey scowling quietly and he will take the sword from you. Kill him and then take the sword from his corpse.

    do get sword from corpse,2w,nw,give sword to farmer

    Wait for the A hefty dunedain farmer sharpening his scythe to give you the sword back.

    do se,2e,2sw,s,give sword to man

    After a short speech, he will give you your reward.

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