MM Path: Serpent Staff (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
Minimum Skill
80 Coordination, 80 Awareness
  • Description

    Retrieve a staff from a poisonous river.

  • A serpent staff.

  • From the Eastern Osgiliath signpost (A bridge over the Morgulduin).

    do n,ne,4e,s

  • Find a way to climb down the cliff then defeat the Necromancer and his guards. Search the waters edge to find the staff then wrestle the crocodile to claim your reward.

  • A serpent staff will reduce the light of the surrounding area whilst wielded by evil characters. If you are a Necromancer or a Wizard it will reduce the light even further, it will also get extra hits on your opponent.

  • Before you head in it might be wise to bring a light source as this is a relatively dark area. You will need to have 80 awareness here.

    look river

    There is a random chance to fail as well. Keep looking at the river until you see The Morgulduin's dark waters flow silently under the eaves of the bridge to the northwest. Between the river and the path there is a sharp incline. Though the slope is slippery and quite steep, there is one spot that you might be able to climb down at.. This is where you will need the coordination.

    do climb down,s

    Kill Akhor, the necromancer's apprentice and his two A burly numenorean guards.

    kill akhor

    His guards will eventually realise he is under attack and will attack you and protect him. If you need to heal you can leave north. If you wish to leave the area to heal you can climb out, but be aware there is a chance you will fall You scramble up the slippery slope...but halfway up you lose your footing and slide back down!.

    You will also need at least one hand free to climb up.

    climb up

    When all of them are dead.


    Now, after you complete the next command you will be place in combat and be unable to escape until either you or your opponent are dead. You can use A serpent staff to kill the crocodile, however bear in mind this room is quite dark and you may require a light source in order to see.

    get head

    An irate female crocodile will attack you. Once she is dead you can leave and climb out.

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