Pelargir: Crocodile-hide Boots (tracked)

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Recommended Level
  • Description

    Clear out the Pelargir Admiralty.

  • A pair of crocodile-hide boots or 300 gold.

  • From Pelargir signpost.

    do gate,2sw,6w,6s,se,e,se,e,2sw,s,w,sw,w,sw,w,n

  • Locate the Pelargir Admiralty, find some way of killing the crocodile without damaging its hide. Present the hide to the cobbler.

  • The 6 A slab of crocodile meat are quite heavy, but are extremely good healing if you cook them.

    If when fighting the crocodile, you see Crocodile dashes forward and buries his teeth into your leg! you will be incapacitated and it will take you much longer than normal to move between rooms until the wound heals.

    If when fighting the crocodile, you see Crocodile raises his head and bites your hand badly! then you will lose the use of one hand until the wound heals.

    The A pair of crocodile-hide boots will increase your Agility stat by 1 when worn.

    Once you have read A small book you can give it to A young librarian in The Pelargir Library main room to get 25 gold in reward.

    do s,give book to librarian

  • The Captain Menegard in the starting room will respond to questions about the Admiralty, though he is not actually involved in the quest. First, we need to pick up a book about trapping the crocodile (this will need to be done each time you attempt the quest).

    do s,e,ne,2s,se,4e,s,e,n,lift shield,get book

    This will give you A small book. You now need to read all of the pages.

    read page 1

    read page 2

    read page 3

    read page 4

    read page 5

    read page 6

    read page 7

    read page 8

    read page 9

    read page 10

    This will give you the rough syntax to complete the quest, but if you have not read this book you will be unable to perform the relevant commands, once you have read the book you can get rid of it.

    Now we need to head to the Admiralty.

    do s,w,n,4w,sw,2s,nw,w,s,buy key,lift sails,get rope,search ropes,get rope

    This will cost you 100 gold and give you A large complex key, A short piece of rope and A long piece of rope.

    do n,e,unlock south door with complex key

    Now you will need to be as unencumbered as possible (completely unarmoured if you can), have a knife, and a sword of some sort on you for the next part. We are going to be heading in and out of this place quite a lot, as the A huge black crocodile is a very fierce opponent who will hunt you (slowly) and we need to gather a few things before we trap him.

    do s,u,s,move papers

    Now, the crocodile will follow you in and you need to stand there and just take it for now, you will get several messages as below.You approach the pile of papers and start to move them aside.

    You manage to move about a third of the papers the aside, finding nothing of interest so far.

    You move another part of the papers aside, yet still there is nothing of interest to be seen.

    As soon as almost all the papers are moved away, you reveal that they covered one of the broken table legs! What a glorious find indeed!

    As soon as you get this output you will get An ornate table leg, you need to do the following (you will automatically drop the leg on the way out).

    do get leg,n,d,n

    Now we are ready to try and kill the crocodile, you need to be wary of seeing Crocodile raises his head and bites your hand badly! as this will leave you with only one hand to do the rest of the quest with (you will have to either have a sheathable sword, or leave it on the ground after we go south). Now we are ready to start trapping the crocodile, first we need to fashion some sort of snare for it.

    do s,get leg,attach rope to leg,n

    This will give you An ornate table leg with a rope loop attached.

    I prefer to do the next part further in to the Admiralty as it means we do not end up busy for the first round.

    do s,get leg,u,s

    Wait for the crocodile to enter and then.

    wrap loop around crocodile

    If you see You try to wrap the loop around the crocodile's mouth, but in the crucial moment your arm movement turns out to be too slow and the best evades your attempt. Perhaps you are carrying too much. then you have failed, and should try to reduce your encumbrance before trying again.

    If you see You try to wrap the loop around the crocodile's mouth, but he evades your attempt, throwing you out of balance!, then you will need to retry. Personally I prefer to head back out of the Admiralty, heal, compose myself and start again. Continue trying to wrap the loop around the crocodile until you see You quickly wrap the loop around the crocodile's mouth, making him temporarily unable to attack.. Once you have seen this, you very quickly need to perform the next command.

    jump on crocodile

    As before, this can fail, if you see You desperately try to jump on the back of the crocodile whose mouth you are holding tight in a rope loop. However, the reptile foils the attempt and frees himself, throwing you to the ground and pulling the table leg out of your hand!, then you have failed and will need to start once more from wrapping the crocodile (once again, I would leave the Admiralty, heal, compose myself and start again). Keep trying until you see You skillfully jump on the crocodile's back, while still managing to keep him subdued with the rope loop., quickly perform the following.

    tie crocodile

    If you see From your secured position on top of the crocodile's back, you try to tie his mouth tight with a piece of rope. However, the reptile turns out to be quicker and manages to throw you down, freeing himself! The table leg with the rope loop falls to the ground. then you have failed and will need to start again from wrapping the crocodile (I would suggest leaving, recomposing yourself and retrying). Repeat this process until you see From your secured position on top of the crocodile's back, you quickly tie the beast's mouth tight with a piece of rope. You then cast the table leg away.. Now all we need to do is kill the crocodile.

    do get sword,wield sword,strike crocodile

    If this succeeds you will see Using the advantageous position on the crocodile's back, you land a strike to end the beast's life. The sword buries into the reptile's body, although fails to penetrate the thick skin. You start to wrestle with it to reach the crocodile's spine... followed by The crocodile tries to wriggle out of the suddenly dangerous situation, but having his mouth tied he cannot do much. You keep on pushing the sword into the beast's neck, until he becomes still.. You have now finished the hard part, now do the following.

    do wield knife,skin corpse,slice corpse

    This will leave you with A black crocodile pelt and 6 A slab of crocodile meat. Take the pelt to Gathon, an experienced cobbler.

    do n,d,n,se,2n,ne,nw,2n,e,ne,e,n,2ne,w,nw,w,nw,6n,w,give pelt to cobbler

    As long as you did not do any damage to the pelt (get large hits on the crocodile), he will offer you a choice of two rewards. If you want the 300 gold.

    choose gold

    If you want the boots.

    choose reward

    If you choose the reward he will tell you Excellent! I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Come back after some time and I will have your reward ready!. You can leave after this but return around 10 minutes later and he will present you with your reward.

    If you damaged the pelt slightly (by hitting the crocodile), then the cobbler will say Gathon says in Westron: Absolutely amazing! This pelt is really what a cobbler could dream about. It seems to be slightly damaged, though, so I cannot pay you the full price. But still, take these coins: your well earned payment. and he will give you only some gold (with a percentage of the 300 gold subtracted depending on how much damage you did).

    If you did unfortunately get too many hits on the crocodile, then the cobbler will tell you Oh my, this beast did not die a quick death! I am sorry but however good the pelt may look, it is too cut and scratched to be of any cobbler use. I think the only thing you could do with it is to hang it over your fireplace as a trophy... and you will not get any reward, but he will return the pelt which you can sell to any shop which buys pelts.

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