Shire: Babushka's Flowers

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Grow some flowers for a woman.

  • 12-20 gold.

  • From Bywater signpost.

    do 8w,12n

  • Grow some flowers in one of the gardens, pick a bouquet and give it to Babushka

  • You can use any gloves to complete the quest, however they will be damaged so it would be best to use the gloves you find inside and remove any real hand covering armour you may be wearing.

  • You can make two different bouquets here. The instructions are almost the same for both.

    A bouquet of tulips takes less endurance but gives less gold.

    A bouquet of roses takes more endurance but gives more gold.

    To start, perform the following (same for either bouquet).

    do path,garden,barn,search hay,wear gloves,get bucket,scoop water into bucket,out

    If you want to make the A bouquet of roses, then do the following.


    Now the instructions are the same for both bouquets.

    pull weeds

    Wait until you see You search the area for the few left weeds and easily pull them out. As you pull out the very last weed it somehow slashes the gloves., and then.

    water flowers

    Now again you have to wait until you see The flowers seem to be blooming by now. They reached the maximum height and stand proudly tall in front of you. With delight, you look over the great results of your work. Now to prove yourself to Babushka, you go around gathering the flowers into a beautiful bouquet. At last, you are all done!.

    If you were making A bouquet of roses then do the following.


    Now once again, the commands are the same.

    do yard,house,give flowers to babushka

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