Eriador: Helping Odd People

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Help some people out with their requests.

  • 152 gold.

  • From Bree signpost.

    do 10n,10w

  • Find out what the elf, human, dwarf and hobbit want. Then get it for them.

  • There are several other items you can get in this camp which are not part of the quest, starting in the room with the A fat elf.

    do enter,n,shake root,oak,fluff pillow,get dagger,out,s,hole,move mattress

    Each gift will give you a small reward, once you have helped all four people you will get your quest point.

  • You will need the following (Though you won't be able to carry it all in one go).

    A glass of punch from Grey Havens A feasting hall. From Grey Havens signpost.

    do 4w,nw,w,enter,n,w,order punch

    A pipe of some sort, packed with leaf. From Bywater signpost.

    do 16w,3s,enter,4n,in,2n,3w,2n,stand on cushion,open chest,drop pouch from chest,open pouch,get pipe from pouch,get weed from pouch,pack pipe

    If that pipe is out, then there is another one available. From Bree signpost.

    do 7s,2e,hill,2e,climb into filthy wagon,get pipe,get leaf,pack pipe

    A mug of dwarven ale from Belegost The Glittering Dragon Tavern. From Belegost signpost.

    do d,s,2w,s,e,4s,w,order dwarven ale

    A mug of ale from Bree Prancing Pony common room. From Bree signpost.

    do 5e,n,order ale

    Once you have gathered the items, hand them to the various people in the camp.

    A fat elf.

    give punch to elf

    A baldfooted hobbit is sitting here.

    do enter,give pipe to hobbit

    A beardless dwarf.

    do hut,give dwarven ale to dwarf

    A slender, furry-footed human.

    do out,n,shack,give ale to human

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