MT6: Opals for Gem Dealer (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Find some opals for the gem dealer.

  • 1000 gold.

  • From inside Minas Tirith gates.


  • Locate a worried merchant who is fleeing, kill him for his precious valuables and take them to a gem dealer who does not care about how you obtained them.

  • The A worried merchant flees to safety has a relatively long respawn time, and he is very easy to kill is often killed within minutes of spawning, if you have not found him within the first 2 levels, it is likely he is not there.

    As the A matched set of red fire opals are inside a bag, a common trick for thieves is to steal the bag when you take it from the corpse, if you either loot it into a pack, or wear it directly from the corpse (it takes the back slot) you can avoid this problem.

    The gem dealer here will buy any item that has the tag "gem" for the full value (no limit of 100 like with regular shops).

    The opals from this quest used to be the A matched set of blue fire opals but was changed. Anyone with a ring which has blue fire opals inside has either paid a lot of gold for the ring, or has had it a very long time.

  • You are going to have to search for A worried merchant flees to safety. He starts in this room, and follows the path below.

    do 4s,2sw,gate,4ne,7n,4nw,gate,2se,4s,2sw,gate,ne,4n,nw,gate,se,2s,sw,gate,nw,sw,2w,2nw,2e

    Once you find him.

    kill merchant

    When A worried merchant flees to safety is dead, do the following.

    get bag from corpse

    Then return to the starting location and do the following.

    do 4s,2sw,gate,4ne,7n,4nw,gate,2se,4s,2sw,gate,ne,4n,nw,gate,se,2s,sw,gate,nw,sw,2w,nw,2e,open bag,get opals from bag,give opals to gem dealer

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