Pelargir: Hidden Assassin (tracked)

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  • Description

    Find a hidden assassin in Pelargir.

  • A pair of fingerless gloves and A twisted dagger and 25 gold.

  • From Pelargir signpost.

    do gate,sw,se

  • Hang around the bar for a while until the drunk starts talking to you. Follow his instructions and find his friend. Be careful as you may have to fight your way out.

  • A pair of fingerless gloves will increase your assassination skill by 5 whilst worn.

    Although A drunk man leans against the counter says that you should return to him after you have finished, there is no reward or acknowledgement for doing so.

  • First, just hang around the bar, after a while you will see Drunk man comes closer to you. Drunk man whispers to you: Hey, I've got something for you. Drunk man whispers to you: I need someone to deliver a note to a friend of mine. He should be waiting inside some old house at King's Gate Way street. It is a very important issue, so be hasty. Drunk man swiftly hands you a small note. You quickly put it away. Drunk man whispers to you: After your job is done, come back here, so I can give you a little reward. Ah, and keep the message handy, or you might forget about your task..

    do nw,sw,2w,s,move couch

    Now, be careful, make sure you have good equipment (and/or healing) and are fully healed as once you pass the next point you will get locked in with no way out until the quest is done (and nowhere to heal).


    Now you will see a little scene which culminates in Cloaked figure says in Westron: Good job with delivering this message. Please take this little reward. Cloaked figure gives you 25 gold coins. Cloaked figure says in Westron: Alright, now get out of here..

    However, if you try to leave after this you will be prevented, if you continue to wait you will be backstabbed, so I would attack now (you cannot attack before this point, you are told You are too frightened and can't seem to attack him!).

    Once A cloaked figure is dead you can claim your rewards from his corpse and leave at your leisure.

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