South Downs: Helping Roselynd

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    A housewife has more than enough to do with her husband away visiting his ailing mother.

  • A nice, home-cooked meal.

  • From Bree signpost.

    do s,se,2s,se,4s,5e

  • Roselynd will ask you to complete various chores, complete each one without leaving to get your reward.

  • You can also create a swing for fun.

    do path,house,get rope

    This should give you A piece of rope.

    do out,garden,barn,get board

    This should give you A wooden board.

    make swing

    This should give you A swing waiting to be hung.

    do garden,tree,tie swing to branch,swing

    This should create A swing hangs from a branch of the tree.

  • do path,house,offer help

    A young housewife will ask you to complete some chores for her Roselynd tells you: Ah, yes, I could use some help doing the chores, thank you! Let's see...I have five chores that you can help me with: raking the leaves, pulling weeds, chopping wood for the fire, pitching hay for the animals, and drawing water to be put in the animals' troughs. Once you've finished with all those, you can report back to me, and I'll feed you a nice, warm, home-cooked meal. Please don't leave the homestead without checking back with me, though, or I won't be able to feed you a wonderful meal..

    do out,garden,tree,get rake

    This should give you A battered rake.

    do rake leaves,drop rake

    This should leave you A pile of leaves.

    do garden,pull weeds

    This should create A pile of weeds.

    do barn,search equipment,get pitchfork

    This should give you A well-worn pitchfork.

    do pitch hay,drop pitchfork,get axe

    This should give you A sharp axe.

    do chop wood,drop axe,garden,yard,get bucket

    This should give you A wooden bucket.

    do draw water,get bucket

    This should give you A wooden bucket filled with water.

    do garden,barn,pour water into troughs,garden,yard,house

    Roselynd will now give you your reward.

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