Barrow Downs: Barrow Wight

Quest Info

Recommended Level
Maximum Level
  • Description

    Explore a dangerous barrow.

  • A chainmail vest and 10 gold.

  • From Bree signpost.

    do w,4s

  • Explore the barrow and find something that opens a secret room then dispatch the Barrow Wight which traps you in order to escape.

  • In the starting room you can do the following to obtain A bright red ruby brooch.

    do s,push wall,get ruby

  • There are two ways to complete this quest. You can either defeat the Barrow Wight or dispatch him using the words of power found in this room. The words change each time the quest resets so you have to check them each time.

    read writing

    Once you know the word you can now find the secret room.

    do s,w,push rock,w,get vest,open chest

    Now that you have your reward you can dispatch the Wight and flee the tomb.

    do 2e,s

    To dispatch the Wight you can either kill it, or you must sing the words you read in the first room. It will be one of the following commands.

    sing shrivel like the cold mist

    sing ho tom bombadil

    sing get out you wight, vanish in the sunlight

    sing wight, wight, take up flight

    If you sing the wrong words you will see Your singing does nothing more than piss the wight off!. When you sing the right words, you will see The wight is whisked away by the singing of ancient words of power! and A hideous Barrow-Wight is standing here. will be whisked away.

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