Harad Desert: Hurricane Spell

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Recommended Level
  • Description

    Explore an ancient temple.

  • The spell Hurricane or A scroll containing the spell hurricane.

  • From Tarzhayan signpost.

    do 8w,4n

  • After falling through into the temple you should examine all of columns. Once you have killed whatever you disturbed and continued you should examine the piles of sand, bricks and ribs very thoroughly in order to determine which is the best way of continuing. In the next room, once again, you should pay close attention to your surroundings before deciding how to continue. Once you get to the study you should pay close attention to the skeleton here.

  • The reward for this quest used to be the spell Sandstorm, which was a very different (but much more powerful in certain circumstances) spell which would continuously damage an opponent whilst it was being cast. It was deemed too powerful and changed to hurricane (A spell which is a direct copy of the Wizards Lightning spell).

    You can complete this quest at any level as when done correctly there is no combat after you have killed A mean looking lizard. Unfortunately whilst fighting this lizard you cannot escape so unless you manage to get some help to defeat this monster you would be advised to stick to the recommended level and go in well prepared.

    Apparently if you are not a Necromancer you will not be given the scroll anymore and will simply be told that you don't have sufficient knowledge of necromancy to understand the book.

  • do step into sand,examine column

    Before you attack the lizard you should be aware that you cannot escape from this room whilst in combat.

    kill lizard

    Once A mean looking lizard is dead, you can do the following to get out to heal if you require.

    climb rope

    Once you have healed and are ready to continue.


    Now you should be in A sandy room there are several actions we can do here, which one is the correct one is chosen at random. You will either move to the next room, dump scalding hot sand on yourself or summon a poisonous scorpion (A poisonous scorpion) which you will need to fight.

    You can tell which one you need.

    look brick

    If you see The brick has a layer of sand on it. Maybe you can push it? then it is the correct action.

    push brick

    If you saw There is an oily residue on the brick that looks like poison. Should you push it? or The brick has scratches on it, as if it's been pushed. then you should not push it and you should carry on with the next commands.

    look lever

    If you see The rib is dusted with sand. Perhaps you should pull it? then it is the correct action.

    pull rib

    If you see There is an oily residue on the rib. Maybe you should pull it? or It appears to be a normal rib. Why not pull it? then you should not pull it and should carry on with the next commands.

    look pile

    If you see The pile has a layer of dust on it. You could start digging if you wanted. then it is the correct action.

    dig pile

    If you see You see an oily residue on the pile. It looks like poison. You could dig in it if you wanted too. or It appears to be nothing more than sand. You could dig in it. then you should go back to the start of this room and start the commands again.

    Once you are in A long dark hallway.

    do shimmy across ledge,push stick

    A short scene will now play out.

    At first nothing happens, but then you start to see the pile of sand stir!

    Slowly, something starts to rise from the pile of sand!

    A flat surface forms, it appears to be a pedestal of some kind.

    Quite quickly now, an altar rises from the pile, it's almost whole!

    As the altar finishes rising, a book appears from nowhere on its top!

    Once you have seen this.

    study book

    If you did not already know the hurricane spell you will learn it.

    If you already knew the spell you will get the scroll.

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