Pelargir: Jade Trident (tracked)

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  • Description

    Attack some thugs and be thrown in the river.

  • A jade trident and A gold nugget.

  • From Pelargir signpost.

    do gate,2sw,4w,2s,se,e,se,7e,8s,se,e,n

  • Kill the thug there, upon his death you will be knocked out and thrown in the river. After recovering locate a rope and find a place where you can dig a tunnel to escape. Dig the tunnel and then escape into the watchtower where you can claim your reward and get back to civilisation.

  • The trident from this quest is one of the best weapons in the game, but only if you have an average stats of 101 or higher.

    The trident is not unique and there can be two quested at any point in the game, this also means that the trident can be placed in a strongbox without it dissappearing.

    The quest can take 5-6 hours to reset after being completed, so it's worth checking at odd uptimes just in case.

    If you do not want to wait quite as long to recover your health and endurance at the start of the quest, take some alcohol to the thug with you and leave it on the floor, when the thug dies drink the alcohol. This will allow you to recover health and endurance much quicker when inside the quest.

    trigger ^Thug has died. todo 2drink <alcohol>

    The quest can take a long time to complete, if you have equipment you do not wish to lose (as you are forced to drop it at the start of the quest), then it is worth having a friend come along and pick up the gear you drop after you kill the thug.

    If you wait in A narrow alley with A shady-looking thug for too long he will attack you automatically.

  • Attack the A shady-looking thug in A narrow alley. You will get a warning the first time you attempt to attack him. If you attack him once more you will be locked in the room until one of you dies.

    2kill thug

    If the thug dies first you will drop all of your gear and gold, be knocked unconscious, reduced to 10 health and 10 endurance and be thrown in the river. You will wake up among a few trees with seemingly no way back to civilisation.

    Rest up until you are at full health and endurance, unfortunately this can take quite a while as you have no way to recover other than waiting and resting.

    do w,break branch,wield branch,e,s,2w

    There is A brown coyote is sleeping here in this room kill it.

    kill coyote

    It may require you to leave and recover several times more since you are unarmoured and are fighting with only a stick.

    Once the coyote is dead do the following.

    do get rope,wrap rope around waist,2e,fasten rope to tree

    Make sure you have high endurance for the following part as you will be swimming.

    When you start swimming you will need to look at the full description of the room you are in, you are looking for some text saying A tiny, faint yellow glow sparkles from a spot in the middle of the riverbed., it can be in 2 possible rooms. We will try each.

    do drop branch,swim e,l

    If you do not see the glow then perform the following command, if you do see the glow then skip the next command.

    do swim w,unfasten rope,n,fasten rope to tree,swim e,l

    Now you should be in the room with the glow, perform the following.

    do dive,l glow,grab nugget,examine western shore,dive stop,swim w

    Now you will need to wait a minute or so to recover from the dive. You do not need to keep the nugget, but may do so if you wish.

    Next we need to dig a hole in order to escape, this will take several attempts so make sure you have enough endurance before each try.

    Whilst diving you will get messages about running out of oxygen, make sure you don't wait too long or you will run out of oxygen and die (Personally I wait for 1 message then return to the surface and wait. You may wish to wait for more, or less).

    do swim e,dive,dig through sand

    When you want to finish digging do the following.

    do dive stop,swim w

    Rest up and make sure your endurance is good before trying again. You will need to receive 5 dig complete messages in order to progress any further, the messages you will receive are as follows.

    our arms tire from the hard work of excavating the sand here underwater. The deprivation of oxygen affects your body and mind, but you continue digging nonetheless.

    The shallow depression that had been formed is now a large hole in the floor of the riverbed. Still, there are no clear signs that all this work has any real purpose.

    Alas! Some of the sand is strangely washed down inside the hole you are digging. Perhaps this is a sign that there is actually something further ahead, and all this hard work is not in vain. As you begin to wonder what dangers could lie in the darkness, a cold shiver runs down your spine.

    That's it! It seems there is some kind of passage behind the place you have been digging all this time. It's still too small for you to squeeze through, and the darkness inside prevents you from finding out what lies ahead. Eager to discover, you start to dig faster, with renewed strength!

    Finally, the passage seems to be wide enough for you to swim through. After all, you actually managed to find something hidden in the sand. You peek for a while into the hole, but due to the darkness you fail to see what is inside. Stopping for a moment, you consider whether or not it would be wise to swim inside the dark tunnel.

    Now you are ready to escape this place and claim your reward. Rest up and regain your endurance again, then do the following.

    do swim e,dive,swim tunnel,3swim w,climb ladder

    The ladder will break and throw you back into the water, wait until you start swimming again.

    climb ladder

    You are now safe and can rest up if you need to get more endurance or health.

    The next steps you need to perform have a potential to fail, if they do you will take some damage and be left back in the water swimming.

    do leap for hatch,clamber through hatch

    If you fell, then you can do the following to stop swimming.

    climb ladder

    Once you succeed in clambering through the hatch do the following.

    do unchain weapon,get weapon

    You now have the main reward for the quest in your hands and are very close to escaping. You will need to do the next commands quickly as the first command will start the ruins collapsing and you only have a few seconds to escape.

    do lean against north wall,hole

    You have now finished the quest and escaped. To get back to the signpost at Pelargir do the following.

    do 4n,ne,2e,ne,2e,ne,2e,ne,4e

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