Getting inside Gundabad

(This does not award a quest point.)

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    Get inside Mount Gundabad.

  • From Rhosgobel signpost.

    do 2sw,15w,32n,2w,7n,4w,nw

  • You will need to get over the debris here, and then find a secret entrance inside a dark cavern.

  • In the room with the An orc guards the northwest exit you will see a A skeleton, inside the skeleton is A heavy cloak which can serve as a crystal and also has a A walking staff inside it.

  • There are a couple of ways to get into Mount Gundabad. First, we need to get just inside.

    do climb rubble,n,nw,2w

    Now, if you are relatively unencumbered, you might be able to squeeze through a hidden passage.

    do search shadow,squeeze through passage

    if you see You are carrying too much to fit into the passage. then you will need to either drop some things, or use the other method. If you decide to drop some things, then drop things until you can fit through the passage. Once you are on the other side of the passage, you can drop some more things, and head back through.

    climb into hole

    You can repeat this until you have all of your equipment on the other side, then do the following.


    There is another method to get inside however. You will need some rope (anything object identifies itself as rope will do).

    do tie rope to stalagmite,throw rope,climb down rope,let go of rope

    Once you have done this kill the An orc guards the northwest exit.

    kill orc

    When it is dead.


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