MT3: Forging a Sword (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
Impartial or higher
Minimum Skill
90 Strength
  • Description

    Forge a sword for yourself to use.

  • A beautiful, deadly sword forged by <name>.

  • From inside Minas Tirith gates ([room]Inside the gates of Minas Tirith[/room).

    do 5s,2sw,gate,4ne,7n,4nw,gate,2se,3s,w

  • Using blacksmithing tools, forge yourself a weapon of your own using a sword blank. Then attach a cross-piece, wrap the hilt, then polish and sharpen your sword.

  • The sword you get will depend upon the amount of time you spend forging it, and the amount you spend on the hilt. It will also be better for you than for other people using it.

  • First you are going to need a hammer of some sort (any hammer will do).

    Next you are going to need Blacksmith gloves.

    do out,s,3sw,2w,3nw,n,distract guard

    If you see You pick up a small rock when the Guard's back is turned and throw it in the opposite direction of the house. The guard jumps, fearfully. He begins to search the immediate area, paying no attention to you. This is your chance! You realize that since he's distracted, you should go in! You don't think this condition will last very long. then you can simply go past A young guard stands here without killing him. If you see You don't think the guard would fall for it this time. you will have to kill the guard.

    Once he is either dead or you can pass him.

    do 5n,w,open drawers,wear gloves,e,6s,3se,2e,3ne,n,w

    You are also going to need A sword blank.

    do out,s,3sw,2w,nw,ne

    Now you are going to have to bash or pick this door. When you have succeeded.

    do enter,2e,n,look under pillows,get blank,s,2w,out,sw,se,2e,3ne,n,w

    Now we are ready to forge a sword.


    Now, before you start there are some things you should prepare. Forging is very draining work, so it would be wise to have some food/drink with you to keep up your endurance. It will also cost you 100 gold each time you want to buy time at the forge.

    do drop blank,get tongs,grip blank,buy time,2pump bellows,heat metal

    Now you need to wait until you see With sweat streaming down your face, you finally judge the metal to be hot and malleable enough. The tongs now hold a bar of metal that is glowing white hot, so you carefully withdraw the tongs from the furnace and turn to the anvil..

    hammer metal

    There is also one other thing to look out for. Whenever you see The fire in the furnace is beginning to get low. If you intend to continue forging anything, it must be tended to immediately. you need to do the following.

    pump bellows

    Wait until you see You are ready for the next phase of hammering. and then repeat the previous command. You will need to do this 5 times until you see Just as the lactic acid in your muscles builds to the point where you can no longer continue, you judge the blade to be perfectly shaped. With relief, you stop hammering to inspect your work. All that remains is the hardening process. Then, with a hilt attached and a good sharpen and polish, you will have an adequate weapon..

    do quench metal,heat metal

    Now you should repeat the process of heating metal and then hammering as many times as you desire (each heating, hammering and quenching process will improve your weapon. It would be worth using up at least all of the 10 minutes you have bought from the smith (You will be told by the smith when your time is up).

    When you have forged enough times and quenched the metal, do not heat it again. If it is cool, then you are ready for the next stage.

    do n,w

    Once you are in the back room (You will only be allowed into the back room if you have something which should be made into a weapon). You will need roughly 110 gold for the next part.

    attach cross-piece

    You will now be asked to choose which cross-piece. You should always choose either ornate or gemmed (if you have gems available to embed in the cross-piece).

    For ornate.


    For gemmed.


    Now wait until you see Your blade now has a cross-piece securely attached, and is ready for the next step in becoming a finished weapon..

    wrap hilt

    Nowi wait until you see At last, you have a grip which feels extremely comfortable and sure. It feels far better than those of mass-produced weapons, and you thank the artisan for his work before going to the next stage of finishing your weapon..

    If you so desire you can now engrave your blade with a short message.

    engrave blade

    Now you are ready to put the final edge on your blade.

    polish blade

    Now wait until you see After using the wheeled buffers, you finish off the polishing with some well-oiled cloths. The blade gleams, but is still quite dull.

    sharpen blade

    Once you see Congratulations!! It takes dedication and perseverance to forge your own weapon. You have done well. you have got your sword and quest point.

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