Gundabad: Steel Breastplate (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Dispatch a lazy Orc sentry to get his armour.

  • A steel breastplate.

  • From Rhosgobel signpost.

    do 2sw,10w,nw,23n,w,4n,w,n,w,n,w,2n,w,7n,5w,nw,climb rocks,n,nw,w

  • Find some way of disposing of the Orc, the most obvious way may not be the easiest.

  • You can also get the quest reward and A small knife by simply killing the Orc, but you will not get the quest point.

  • You should be in the A small cavern with A sleeping orc sentry.

    do e,dislodge rock,get strips

    This will start a landslide which will make you unable to climb down for a while (You find a good sized rock and roll it off the overhang! It careens down the mountain, upsetting other rocks on the way, until a river of rock and snow is hurtling towards the cleft!) and will also give you Some strips of leather.

    do w,bind orc,lead orc

    This will turn the Orc into A snarling orc prisoner.

    do e,se,push orc

    You will now push the Orc off the cliff to his death. This will give you your quest point. In order to get your reward.

    do s,climb down,get breastplate

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