Turseg: Pagdush' Paste

Quest Info

Recommended Level
Maximum Level
  • Description

    Help a local physician and alchemist gather ingredients.

  • A small wooden box containing Some dark paste.

  • From Turseg signpost.

    do 4w,2s,4w

  • Get instructions from the Uruk-hai medic and collect the ingredients in the pouch he gives you.

  • A small wooden box containing Some dark paste can be used to heal between 20 and 30 HP for yourself or other people. With the box in your hands.

    smear paste on <Person>

    When A green newt, A red newt, A flapping bat or A medium-sized spider dies they will drop some gold that you can collect.

  • ask pagdush about help

    Pagdush the uruk medic will give you An alchemist's ingredient pouch and ask you to collect some ingredients Pagdush says in Westron: Go to the caves just north of here and fetch me back some things and there may be a reward in it for you. You can use the scalpel in the pouch to dissect corpses. I need a newt's tail and spider's eyes. Also bat's wings and rat's claws. When you have all these things bring the pouch back here and I will make it worth your while..

    do 2e,n,w,n,2w

    You should find A red newt and A green newt here.

    kill newt

    When the newt is dead.

    dissect corpse

    From now on when try to move in the cave you may slip over, this will cause you not to move but you will not be hurt, you will simply have to try the movement again.

    do w,kill spider

    When A medium-sized spider is dead.

    dissect corpse

    Now you will be killing A skittery rat, when the rats get to low health they will run away one room each time you hit them, as such you will need to chase them.

    kill rat

    When the rat is dead.

    dissect corpse

    Now you are ready to get the last ingredient.


    You should find A flapping bat.

    kill bat

    When the bat is dead.

    dissect corpse

    You can now return to Pagdush (Remember to move one room at a time until you get out of the caves in case of slipping).

    do e,ne,2e,s,e,s,2w

    Pagdush should notice you when you come in and give you your reward.

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