Corsair Keep: Mithril Buckler (tracked)

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    Swim around the moat of Corsair Keep.

  • A resplendent mithril buckler or 400 gold.

  • From Umbar signpost.

    do uphill,5w

  • Find a way into the moat, then beat down a crocodile and find a way to escape.

  • A resplendent mithril buckler is a very light shield which will increase your defense skill by 5 whilst worn. It also has an an extra feature, you can get some extra damage on your enemies by punching them.

    punch <enemy>

    A resplendent mithril buckler is unique, if it is out you will get the gold reward and will not get the quest point.

    This quest can be done solo with preparation, however it would be safer to bring a friend.

    You can make this quest much easier by bringing a boat. First you will need a boat that you can carry (A magnificent oak canoe from Pelargir Relthor's Boat Repository is ideal as it is very light). Then have the boat in your hands when you enter the quest (You will need to be moderately encumbered at worst when carrying the canoe or you will be unable to enter the quest). Once you have jumped into the moat.

    do drop canoe,board canoe

    You will now be inside the canoe and can safely pass any of the crocodiles which hunt to get to the room with the grating. You can also use the canoe to heal up if you are struggling during the fight as well. To start swimming in order to start the quest.

    ditch canoe

    In order to try and board the canoe once more (Be aware that you may not board the canoe the first time, it may take several attempts. Also you will need at least 50 endurance in order to be able to board the canoe from the water.).

    board canoe

    If you failed to board the canoe you will see You struggle to board the canoe while swimming. In your efforts to board the canoe, you cause it to capsize on top of you! and you will have to try again. Be aware when trying this method that some of the more pathetic players could come in and try to capsize your canoe, pushing you back into the water and the fight.

  • First, this quest is very dangerous, once you enter you will be swimming until either you finish, or you die. It would be wise to be lightly encumbered or less and to bring something to recover your endurance if required (You can use the reward from MT7: Large Black Cloak to store a flask or bota if you like as regular cloaks will not allow you access whilst swimming).

    The next warning is that once you have entered you may encounter A vicious crocodile, these are tough monsters who will directly hunt you and occasionally prevent you from moving for a few rounds with a message of Uh oh! As you prepare to swim to the <direction>, the crocodile suddenly positions itself between you and the exit! It seems you will have to wait a while until it decides to swim away..

    When this happens you should wait until you see The crocodile swims away from the <direction> exit. before trying the direction again.

    The one thing in your favour is that they will not follow you into the quest room.

    I would suggest having a full set of armour and a good weapon as well, making sure to watch your encumbrance at the time. I would also bring a knife (Though having tested it does not appear to require one this may change in the future).

    do 2jump moat

    You will now be swimming, take care when swimming in the next directions if you encounter A vicious crocodile. If it blocks you, wait a few rounds and retry.

    swim s

    swim w

    swim w

    swim w

    swim w

    You should now be in Inside a moat (with exits east and north) and the hunting crocodiles will have stopped chasing you). If you see A fat crocodile you need to kill it. If not you need to bring it out.

    pry grating

    You will now definitely be in combat with A fat crocodile. Once it is dead. This is where you "may" need a knife in the future.

    do cut carcass,pry grating

    You will now have your reward and no longer be swimming. Be careful on your way out if you are moral, as you have just entered Corsair Keep and there are guards who will hunt and auto attack you here.

    To get back to where you started the quest.

    do u,e,ne,3e

If any of the information here is missing, or wrong, please let us know.