Lothlorien: Staff of the Trees (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Purify an evil staff.

  • A staff of the Trees.

  • After Getting inside the tower of Barad-Dur.

    do n,w,nw,n,e,ne,w

  • Kill the priestess, find someone in Lothlorien to purify the staff.

  • If you are not truly moral, or are a murderer in Caras Galadon then Galadriel stands calmly here will keep the staff instead of giving it to you.

  • kill disciple

    When the first A variag disciple is dead.

    kill disciple

    When both A variag disciple are dead you should kill the priestess. She does sometimes cast spells but only darkness, nothing damaging.

    kill priestess

    When A black numenorean priestess is dead.

    get staff from corpse

    Now you need to take A staff of the Eye out of Mordor and head to Lothlorien (Cerin Amroth). Now complete Getting into Caras Galadon.

    do ne,3n,5e,3s,w,6u,w,make appointment

    Now you should wait until you are taken to Galadriel stands calmly here.

    give staff to galadriel

    After a very long scene you will see Galadriel smiles and hands the Staff of the Trees over to you..

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