Getting the key for Merethrond

(This does not award a quest point.)

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Recommended Level
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    Obtain the key for Merethrond.

  • A fancy looking key or A key made of brass.

  • From Inside Minas Tirith gates.

    do 5s,2sw,gate,4ne,7n,4nw,gate,2se,4s,2sw,gate,ne,4n,nw,gate,se,2s,sw,gate,nw,ne,n,gate,w,2nw

  • Ask Darran for the key.

  • There are two ways of getting a key for Merethrond. The first is by completing MT6: Thief in the Stables. The other way is by completing Getting inside the White Tower and doing the following.

    do w,s,arch,3u,s,sw,2nw,2u,2se,w,ask darran about key

    Darran, captain of the Citadel Guard will give you A key made of brass which fits the same lock as A fancy looking key from MT6: Thief in the Stables.

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