South Downs: Two Brothers

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Rescue a boy from Bree.

  • An old short sword or A leather brigandine.

  • From Bree signpost.

    do s,se,2s,se,3s,3e

  • Kill or trick a group of bandits to rescue the boy and recover his belongings.

  • path

    You should find Joseph stands here with worry-filled eyes here.

    offer help

    Listen to the story Joseph tells you and then head into the clearing.


    You should find Earl, peacefully snoozing against the cave entrance here. You now need to find a way to get past him. One way is to kill him.

    kill earl

    When he is dead.


    The other way to get past him is to sneak past him whilst he sleeps.

    slip by earl

    When you are inside the cave.

    do cell,pull chain

    You should find Jonas, passed out atop a crate and Kaleb, looking frightened. Kaleb will then say that you need to get the key Kaleb says: Shh!!! Jonas is asleep on that box over there, if he catches you we'll both be dead! He has the key to this chain in his pocket, can you get it?. If you are a thief you can steal the key.

    steal key from jonas

    If you are not then you will have to kill Jonas.

    kill jonas

    When he is dead.

    get key from corpse of jonas

    Now you should have A small silver key.

    do unlock chain,cave,chamber

    Bartolomeo, with a permanent grimace etched on his face will attack you when you enter. When he is dead.

    get key from corpse

    This will give you A large old-fashioned key. Kaleb and Joseph will now come in. If you didn't kill Jonas and Earl they will also come in, but will run away upon seeing their boss dead.

    unlock strongbox

    Joseph will now take the items from the strongbox and will ask you which one you would like as a reward.

    If you would like An old short sword.

    choose sword

    If you would like A leather brigandine.

    choose brigandine

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