Framsburg: Beautiful Sword (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
Free Race only
  • Description

    Obtain the officer of the barracks sword.

  • A beautiful sword.

  • From Rhosgobel signpost.

    do 2sw,10w,nw,23n,w,4n,w,n,w,n,w,3n,2w,2n

  • Find a way into the barracks, then kill the officer for his sword.

  • In order to leave the barracks you need to ask to leave. You need to be in The main hall in the barracks with An old lady is standing here.

    ask lady about leaving

    You can get A faded blue deck of cards from The barracks lounge. Once you have killed the two An off-duty guard is sitting here, playing cards simply do the following.

    get cards

  • knock on door

    You will now be escorted inside the barracks As you knock on the huge door, you hear footsteps on the other side. The door swings open and a small lady leads you in..

    do w,s,kill officer

    When A burly Officer, counting gold is dead.

    get sword from corpse

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