Turseg: Meek Guard

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    A local guard is too peaceful for one of his kind.

  • A vial of brown slime.

  • From Turseg signpost.

    do 4w,2s,w

  • Beat one of the guards into submission for the head Sniffer.

  • A vial of brown slime is a potion which will increase your deception and prowling skills by up to 20 each for between 5 and 10 minutes and heal your for 5 HP and EP.

  • ask girak about guard

    Girak the Head Sniffer will ask you to beat the guard up and not to worry if you end up killing him.

    do e,2n,2e,n,kill guard

    When A meek-looking guard gets to low health he will run away, once this happens.

    do s,2w,2s,w,report

    Girak will now give you your reward.

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