Turseg: Latrine Cleaning

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

  • 35 gold.

  • From Turseg signpost.

    do 4w,2s,w,s

  • Clear it with the Chief then do a lazy Orcs job for him.

  • offer help

    Chief Gurg will ask you to clean the latrines for him.

    do n,2w,s,search corner,get mop

    This will give you A cruddy old mop.

    clean latrine

    You will now start to clean the latrine, when you see You slog through piles of putrid sludge, scooping it into the holes in the ledge, finally clearing the floor of the largest pieces of refuse. You dare not go back to the chief, though, until you have given this room at least another go..

    clean latrine

    When you see The ledge of the latrine itself is now covered with large, reeking chunks, so you push them into the holes. As you smear the rock ledge with the stinking matter, you know that this will never do, and must keep working or abandon Gurg's reward..

    clean latrine

    When you see Wiping up stray smears and puddles, you realize that this place actually does look better than it did when you came in. Now an overwhelming sense of pride in your accomplishment drives you to keep cleaning..

    clean latrine

    You should eventually see You gently buff the ledge to a shine. Of course, the gleam is mostly just dried urine, but the effect is really quite impressive, certainly to anyone who saw what it looked like a few hours ago. Now you feel confident enough to 'report' to Gurg..

    do n,2e,s,report

    Chief Gurg will then send someone to check on the toilets and if you did it right you will get your reward.

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