Shire: Elven Nectar

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Help out an old drunk hobbit in exchange for a nice drink.

  • A bottle of clear nectar.

  • From Bywater signpost.

    do 10w,5n

  • Find the book the crazy old hobbit is looking for. Then search the room which was locked before for your reward.

  • A bottle of clear nectar is a very very weak alcoholic drink which will heal 40 health and endurance when drunk by anyone under level 10.

  • do path,enter,w,lift pillow,kill rat

    When A black rat scowls at you is dead.

    do e,give book to hobbit

    A crazy old hobbit will drop A copper key on a chain.

    do get key,unlock north door with rusted copper key,drop key,n,unroll blanket,get nectar

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