Ettenmoors: Ransacked Hut

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Clear a hut of its invading Trolls and Orcs.

  • A long pointy spear and some other random items.

  • From Bree signpost.

    do s,se,ne,2e,se,7e,ne,3e,3ne,e,ne,e,ne,5e,6n,e,2n,2e,n,4e,5n,3e,n,e,3n,e,n

    From Rivendell signpost.

    do s,2sw,5w,3sw,7w,nw,w,nw,3n,2w,18n,2e,2n,e,n

  • Kill, kill and more kill,

  • You can get A ripe tomato which you can either eat or throw at someone. From the entrance.

    do n,w,n,pluck tomato

    You can also get A small metal shield. From the entrance.

    do 2n,l under bed,get shield

    The last thing you can get is A frilly shirt. From the entrance.

    do 2n,e,get shirt

  • do n,w,kill troll

    When A large, smelly troll is dead you are ready to continue but you may need a light source.

    do e,n,e,kill orc 2

    When A large, repugnant orc is dead.

    kill orc

    When the last orc dies you will complete your quest.

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