Druwaith Iaur: Bone Whistle

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Recommended Level
Maximum Level
  • Description

    Rescue an old hermit from a band of Orcs.

  • A carven bone whistle.

  • From Adornas signpost.

    do 2n,5w,s,6sw,2w,nw,w,sw,nw,3w,sw,2w,2sw,2w

  • Get into the camp somehow, then find where the old hermit is hiding and help him to escape.

  • In A ravaged campsite after you have finished your battle you can find A skin pack with 4-8 A juicy berry in it.

    search skins

    In A work area you will find A looting orc. If you kill him you can find A crude spear.

    search branches

  • This is a tough quest (especially given the level restriction), so you should take your time and be prepared. It may also be wise to bring some friends to help you.

    do path,kill orc

    When A guard orc is dead.

    do trail,e

    Here you will find A forest bear fighting three A short orc. This fight will continue forever (whilst it looks like they are fighting they are not actually doing any damage to each other). Here you must choose a side. You can either kill the bear or the Orcs (depending on whether you are moral or not). I will assume here that you are moral.

    kill orc

    The Orcs all protect each other so can be a tough fight.

    Once they are dead you should heal up before you carry on as you will not be able to leaver after the next part.


    You will now be in A small clearing and get messages about noises coming towards you and then two A tough orc will come in. Fortunately you will be rescued by An old hermit and pulled into In a tree's branches.

    Once you are ready to help out the hermit.

    do d,kill orc

    When both of the Orcs (who protect each other) are dead the hermit will come down and give you your reward then leave.

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