MT4: Quenya Book (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Locate a book about the dark languages.

  • 70 gold.

  • From inside Minas Tirith gates.

    do 5s,2sw,gate,4ne,7n,4nw,gate,2se,4s,2sw,gate,ne,3n,w,3nw,w

  • Locate and old book in the pile of books.

  • research

    You have a chance of finding An old yellowed book keep repeating the command until you see While looking through a pile stashed over in a far corner, you discover an old book that might be useful..

    Once you have seen this there are two ways of stealing the book without getting caught. You can either sneak out (more reliable) or escape through a hidden tunnel (with a chance of being caught).

    If you want to sneak out.

    sneak e

    If you see You slip quietly from the room. then you have succeeded. If you see A sign on the wall informs you that you won't be allowed to take any library materials out of this room. then you have failed and will have to retry.

    If you want to try and escape through the hidden tunnel.

    do move box,enter tunnel

    If you see You begin to ease your way into the tunnel when you hear a screech from across the room! The librarian comes running at you, screaming curses! You jump away from the tunnel quickly and wipe sweat from your brow. then you have been caught and will have to sneak out or leave the book.

    If you see You enter the darkness of the tunnel. then you have escaped and can complete the quest as follows.

    do n,4s

    Once you have makaged to get out of the room with the book.

    do 3se,w,give quenya book to linguist

    A linguist will thank you and reward you.

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