Getting inside Corsair Keep

(This does not award a quest point.)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Get inside Corsair Keep.

  • From Umbar signpost.

    do uphill,6w

  • Find a way to lose the guards in corsair keep.

  • Be aware that the drawbridge to Corsair Keep can be raised preventing people from both leaving and entering. There appears to be no way out of the keep during this time.

    Also you should be aware that most of the doors to the keep can be locked or picked locked and there appears to be no key for them, so you could end up trapped in the entrance room if someone was feeling evil.

  • Evil Races and Men who are Demonic or lower (disguise works) and have not murdered in the keep can simply walk past the guards.


    If you are a murderer in Corsair Keep or are moral or not a human and do not wish to disguise, you will be hunted bu the guards as you pass them. In which case you can lose the guards by doing the following.

    do 3w,push stone,e,ne

    Both of these ways will leave you in the same place.

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