Galenwath: Defeating Haradrim (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
Free Race only
  • Description

    Help Nid the farmer beat down on some Haradrim.

  • A great tower shield.

  • From Kadar south gate.

    do 23s,35w,gate,nw

    Nid will be in one of the rooms to the west of the centre of the village.

  • Offer to help Nid, then wait for him in the centre of the village. Follow his instructions and then help him to defeat the Haradrim. When all the enemies are dead you will be rewarded with his shield.

  • You can leave the fight to the east and come back.

    If you fight your way into the Haradrim camp beforehand you could leave some healing drinks on the floor to aid you in the fight.

  • Find Nid.

    ask Nid about help

    Wait for Nid at the centre of the village then wait until he hops into the wagon.

    hop aboard wagon

    Wait until you arrive at the village and he leaves out.


    Aid Nid and the other farmers in the fight.

    After you have been given the shield you can polish it, this is merely a cosmetic change.

    polish shield

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