Corsair Keep: Numenorean Sword (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Explore the cellar of Corsair Keep.

  • An ancient Numenorean longsword and A pearl inlaid scabbard.

  • After Getting inside Corsair Keep.

    do sw,w,d

  • Find a hidden area in the cellar, then explore it to discover another hidden room where you can find a long forgotten weapon.

  • In A spiked pit there are some A clump of black fungus which may be able to heal some of the poisons in this area.

    get fungus

  • turn bottle

    This will do some damage to you and drop you into A spiked pit. If you need to get out to heal at any point.

    climb rope

    When you are ready to continue.

    do push brick,kill rat

    Be aware that A mangy rat can bite you and give you a disease which will do increasing damage over time, eventually turning you blind for periods. There appears to be no cure for this disease except to wait it out. The poison is also deadly and can kill you.

    When the rat is dead and you are ready to continue.

    do w,grab bundle

    You will be attacked by A heinous looking spider. When it is dead.

    do get scabbard,e

    You have now completed your quest.

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