Gundabad: Captured Dwarf (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Rescue a captured Dwarf from his Orcish guards.

  • A jade stone.

  • Free the Dwarf here, then follow him to find your reward.

  • kill orc

    When both of the protecting An orc guard are dead A bedraggled dwarf will drop your reward and leave up.


    He will then tell you how to get down without falling The Dwarf warns: Keep to the left! or The Dwarf warns: Keep to the right!. If you do not speak Khuzdul you can watch what the Dwarf does to see whether it is left or right The dwarf beckons to you to follow him and heads down the passage. You notice that he steps very carefully and hugs the stone walls, keeping to the <left or right>..

    He will then leave and give you your quest point. In order to get back out.

    keep to the <left or right>

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