MT1: Lampwright's Guild Vault (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Loot the Lampwrights vault.

  • Large ruby ring and Dolphin necklace.

  • From inside the gates of Minas Tirith.

    do 5n,2nw,n,enter,w,n

  • Find the key for the vault, then get into the vault.

  • There is some wine in the cellar you can get. From the Lobby.

    do 2e,n,d,w,get bottle

  • First you will need to get A Lampwright's Guild membership ring you can either get one from one of the other quests related to this or you can kill the A guard watches over the room.If you choose to kill him.

    kill guard

    When he is dead.

    do get ring from corpse,wear ring

    Now you are ready to continue.

    do s,e,stairs,2w,kill valet

    When The Grand Master's valet is dead.

    kill master

    When The Grand Master of the Lampwright's Guild is dead, take the An iron key from the corpse.

    do get key from corpse,2e,d,w,n,unlock vault door with iron key,drop key,vault,move papers,get ring,get necklace

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