MT1: Light Palace Safe (tracked)

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Recommended Level
  • Description

    Save someone from a burning building.

  • A Lampwright's Guild membership ring and A bag and 100 gold.

  • From inside the gates of Minas Tirith.

    do 5n,2nw,n,enter

  • Save the apprentice who is trapped in a fire upstairs, escape the burning building.

  • If you do run out of health when saving the apprentice and jumping out of the window, the apprentice will bandage you and save you, but you will not receive the ring or key.

    There is some wine in the cellar you can get. From the Lobby.

    do 2e,n,d,w,get bottle

  • You can reduce the amount of damage taken during this quest by doing the following.

    do 2e,get towel

    This will give you A towel.

    do 2w,out,wet towel,get towel

    This will give you A wet towel.

    do enter,stairs,n,2u

    Make sure you have plenty of health for this part (200HP or thereabouts).

    dash through flames

    You will see An apprentice is trapped by fallen timber then you need to safe him and escape.

    do 5move timber,jump out window

    You will then have saved the An apprentice is very happy. He will reward you with a A Lampwright's Guild membership ring and a key A small iron key telling you Use that key and have anything you can find in the room it unlocks.. Now you need to head to that room.

    do chamber,insert key into crack,get bag,get gold from bag

    The next item may not always be in, but is an extra reward and will award the MT1: Mystical Lamp quest point.

    get lamp

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