Pelargir: Healing the Corsair (tracked)

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    Nurse a corsair back to health.

  • The Heartbreaker or A black numenorean dagger.

  • From Pelargir signpost.

    do gate,2sw,6w,5s,se,e,se,e,2sw

    The actual room this quest starts in is completely random, somewhere in the streets. You are looking for "A pile of corsair corpses" as an object in the room. It can appear in any of the street rooms on the south east side this map <link></link> (everything south of the water).

  • Locate the unconscious body of the corsair, take her somewhere safe and treat her wounds. Nurse her back to health for your reward.

  • Much like Galenwath: Defeating Haradrim you can leave some healing on the ground in order to help you with the battle.

    The secondary reward is almost as good as the unique here.

    The unique weapon will allow you to finish off an enemy who is near death by performing a heartstrike.

  • First off you will need to collect some items in order to treat the wounds. I would suggest having a container of some sort to keep them all in. I will not tell you to put things in the container during this description, but I will seperate each set of commands so that you can store them yourself.

    First head to the hospital in Northern Pelargir. From Pelargir signpost.

    do gate,2sw,4w,2s,se,e,se,e,n

    Now do this quest Pelargir: Helping Nurse, but when the nurse places the thread and needle on the table in the middle of the quest, take them both.

    Now, in the same hospital as the nurse is you need to do several more things.

    do 2n

    You need to get past the caretaker somehow, you can either kill him and take his key, or bribe him.

    do bribe caretaker with 100 gold,d

    Now you need to collect several things from this room.

    do unwrap box 1,sift inside box 1,unwrap box 2,sift inside box 2,unwrap box 3,sift inside box 3,unwrap box 4,sift inside box 4,unwrap box 5,sift inside box 5

    This will give you Some cleansing cloths.

    do move table under shelf,climb on table,reach over shelf,climb down

    This will give you A cool mint potion.

    do get cloth,get water,u

    We now have all of the items we need from this room, there is only one more item we need from the hospital.

    do w,l surgeon

    The chief surgeon is holding A thin book containing instructions on how to heal the corsair (if you're reading this far into the guide, it's doubtful you'll need it, but the information is here for completeness). You can either kill him and take it, or wait until he puts the book down Surgeon sighs and puts his book on the desk.. YOu will have a decreased chance of being caught taking the book if you are hiding.

    get book

    If you are caught you will have to leave before the guard catches you.

    We now have everything we need from the hospital. We now need to head to the House of Healing in Southern Pelargir.

    do e,3s,w,nw,w,nw,2w,4s,se,e,se,e,2sw,s,w,sw,w,2s,se,sw,2s,nw,w,sw,w,2s,3e,s

    There is a receptionist here who you need to get past, you can either sneak (requires at least some stealth), or kill her.

    sneak d

    Now, we need to collect some more items.

    do get leaves,get poultice

    You now have A handful of dried firestick leaves and A small jar of mangrove bark poultice.

    do 2get bandage from cabinet

    You now have 2 A long bandage.

    do 2get bandage from cabinet

    You now have 2 A piece of bandage.

    Now we need to head to the room with A pile of corsair corpses inside it to continue. Before doing anything else you need to find a house nearby (or further if you prefer) which has a bedroom in it and that in the bedroom is a bed. There won't be a bed object in the room, but you should get something from.

    look bed

    Note down the exact directions from A pile of corsair corpses to the bedroom and head back to the pile.

    Now, you need to be very unencumbered at this point, as you will be carrying a body, if you get a message telling you that you are carrying too much, then drop off some or all of your gear in the bedroom you have already selected and return.

    do examine pile,pull body from pile

    The next part you will need to do very slowly, if you move more than one room every few seconds then you will jostle the body too much and kill the corsair woman you are carrying. Take her to the bedroom you selected earlier.

    lay body in bed

    You now have to get ready to treat her wounds, I am going to assume all the items we gathered earlier are on the floor in this room, if you have placed them in a container then you will need to adjust as appropriate.

    do pull out knife,apply pressure above wound

    Now wait until you are given a message that You notice the bleeding stopped, so you release pressure from the wound.

    do drop knife,get cloths,dip cloth in water,clean leg wound,get needle,get thread,suture leg wound

    This completes the leg wound treatment.

    do get cloths,dip cloth in water,clean head,get leaves,place leaves onto head wound,get piece of bandage,wrap head in bandage

    This completes the head wound treatment.

    do unbutton shirt,get poultice,rub poultice into ribs,get long bandage,wrap chest in bandage,button shirt

    This completes the chest wound treatment.

    At this point the corsair will still be unconscious, but past the critical stage of the treatment. You should now wait until she regains consciousness. She will express some surprise at being alive and talk with you. After the conversation you can leave the quest to do other things and return periodically to check on the corsair.

    After some time you will receive the following message (if you stay) Beads of sweat appear on the corsair's forehead., or, if you don't stay you can do the following.

    ask corsair about wounds

    This will give you the following message if you missed the previous message Furthermore, I feel rather sick... I have a nasty fever.. When you get this, you need to do the following.

    do get potion,give potion to corsair

    This needs to be repeated every 10 minutes until the potion is gone, you will also get a message to the following at the correct time The corsair's shivering seems to ease a bit..

    Periodically the corsair will claim she is hungry or thirsty, if you stockpile some apples (from the fruit seller in the middle of the Pelargir East Market) and some water (the bar in Lendin sells this cheaply) then you can be prepared. To find out if the corsair is hungry you can do the following.

    ask corsair about food

    If the response is the following then you should feed and water her Oh, yes, I would like a small snack, if you could bring me some. Also, I am a bit thirsty; I'd be grateful for some water.

    do get apple,give apple to corsair,get water,give water to corsair

    Also, when you get the message Beads of sweat appear on the corsair's forehead. you can do the following.

    do get cloth,dip cloth in water,wipe forehead

    This will ease the corsairs fever.

    Eventually the corsairs wounds will be healed, in order to find out how this is going you can do the following.

    ask corsair about wounds

    She will then tell you how her wounds are doing. Once the wounds are all healed she will still need to regain her strength, at this point you no longer need to do any healing, but she will still require food and water.

    After some time (at this point you should be roughly 2 hours into the quest), she will have fully regained her strength and be ready to go on her way, but she requires one final favour from you, a change of clothes.

    She will ask for the following things (after a length conversation) Please find a seamstress shop in this city and bring me some good clothes. I think a green dress, a pair of silk stockings and a nice velvet cloak on top of that will do. A stylish hat would be nice too. and Oh, and I almost forgot. I will also need a good pair of boots; check the local cobbler for one. Please hurry, I'm very eager to finally leave this place; sooner or later a guard might find us..

    SO it's time to go clothes shopping, from the Pelargir signpost do the following.

    do gate,2sw,7w,buy lady's boots 1,e,s,2w,s,buy velvet cloak 1

    Now we need to get the rest of the items.

    do buy elegant hat 1,buy silk stockings 1

    do buy satin dress 1

    We now have the entire shopping list the corsair requested. There is one more thing to do, prepare!

    Once you have given the corsair the items she has requested, she will ask you to leave whilst she changes, when you return a minute or so later, you will be attacked, so you need to be ready to defend yourself.

    do get stockings,give stockings to corsair,get cloak,give cloak to corsair,get boots,give boots to corsair,get dress,give dress to corsair,get hat,give hat to corsair

    Now you will be asked to leave for a minute Excellent. That would be the last piece I need. Now, could you please leave for a moment so I can change?. You need to leave and then re-enter the room. When you return the corsair will do the following Finally! I'm ready to leave, thanks to you, my savior!.

    Now, a few things will happen and you will be attacked with the following message (and a fair amount of damage) As the corsair presses you closer to her, you suddenly feel an excruciating pain in your side and feel cold steel going through your flesh, missing your heart by an inch! While you are not yet dead, you have almost fainted and must figure out how to stay alive... Especially because the corsair, surprised that the strike did not kill you outright, prepares to finish you off!.

    You are now in a fight for your life, if you leave, the corsair will run off and you will get nothing however if you kill the corsair, you get your reward. There is one other way to get the reward, and that is to let the corsair kill you. Once you have been killed, after you revive and return to your corpse, you will find the reward on it.

If any of the information here is missing, or wrong, please let us know.

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