Pelargir: Orphanage String (tracked)

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Recommended Level
  • Description

    Get some string from the Pelargir Orphanage.

  • An odd-looking string.

  • From Pelargir signpost.

    do gate,2sw,4w,2s,se,e,se,e,2s,e,2u,w

  • Comfort a sad girl by giving her back her doll.

  • Once you have both An odd-looking string and A round clay tablet in your hands, you can make the tablet auto loading and wearable.

    attach string to tablet

    This will also give you an extra look on your character You are a benefactor of the Pelargir orphanage..

  • First you should complete Pelargir: Orphanage Cookies and get the tablet from there. This quest will give you a piece of string so that you can wear the tablet and it will then become auto loading.


    You will now have to bash or pick the closet in this room.

    do bash closet,pick closet

    Once you have succeeded.

    do open closet,get doll from closet

    This will give you A dainty rag doll.

    do 2w,give doll to girl

    Karena, a sad little girl will thank you and become Karena, a happy little girl. She will also give you your reward and quest point.

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