Pelargir: Orphanage Cookies (tracked)

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  • Description

    Bring some cookies to the Pelargir Orphanage.

  • A round clay tablet (Semi Unique).

  • From Pelargir signpost.

    do gate,2sw,6w,s,5w,2n,e

  • Maell has baked some cookies for the orphanage, bring them to the orphanage and then help distribute them.

  • A round clay tablet can be made auto loading by completing Pelargir: Orphanage String.

  • offer help

    Maell, a busy housewife will give you A small basket containing 10 cookies (chosen from A star-shaped cookie, A round cookie, A moon-shaped cookie, A cat-shaped cookie and A ship-shaped cookie) and ask you to bring it to the orphanage for her.

    do w,2s,5e,s,2e,se,e,se,e,s,sw,give basket to matron

    Seraphine, the matron of the orphanage will give a short speech and then you will accompany her to the children. After another short speech she will give you back the basket and ask you to distribute them to the children (Marlach, a vicious bully, Lili, an orphaned child, Adanor, a homeless waif, Meregon, a homeless child and Emma, an abandoned child). Now, if you want to be fair you can distribute the cookies evenly. However if you give at least one of the children three cookies then you have a chance to get the quest reward as well as the quest point. First you should pick which child you want to have engraved on your tablet (I will choose Meregon here).

    do get cookie from basket,give cookie to meregon

    The child will then eat the cookie and there will be a short discussion as the children bicker amongst themselves. You will need to do this process 10 times to finish the quest, however you need to wait until the children stop discussing and arguing between themselves before you can give out the next cookie.

    Once you have distributed all of the cookies you will get your quest point once the children thank you and if you are lucky (roughly one in three times) the child you chose to give ay least three cookies to first will give you your reward. You will be able to leave once the matron has left.

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