Dharan-Sar: Treasury Looting (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Loot the Dharan-Sar treasury.

  • 500-2000 gold.

  • From Dharan-Sar signpost.

    do s,w,sw,2s,se,e,s

    To get to Dharan-Sar, from Outpost North signpost.

    do gate,2s,out

    travelto dharan-sar

  • Find the keys for the armoury, loot the armoury

  • do s,e,se,2s,sw,w,s,kill man

    After a short period Skarabash, a tall and imposing numenorean militant will be joined and protected by A nervous guard. I would suggest killing them seperately.


    The guard will follow you and you can kill him alone. Once the guard is dead, finish off Skarabash, a tall and imposing numenorean militant.


    Once he is dead take the key from his corpse.

    do get key from corpse,move cushion,wear silver key,out,w,nw,kill guard

    Once the An agitated guard is dead, heal up, as you might be attacked during the next part.

    do unlock sw door with gold key,sw

    If there is A black dog stares at you warily in here, then you will be attacked and will have to kill it. If you see A wounded mastiff, you can do Dharan-Sar: Wounded Mastiff as well as this one. Once the dog is dead (or incapaticated as wounded).

    do unlock chest with silver key,open chest,get gold from chest

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