Dharan-Sar: Wounded Mastiff (tracked)

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    Heal a wounded Mastiff to get a faithful pet.

  • A large mastiff.

  • From Dharan-Sar signpost.

    do s,w,sw,2s,se

    To get to Dharan-Sar, from Outpost North signpost.

    do gate,2s,out

    travelto dharan-sar

  • Find a way to heal the wounded mastiff, you will likely need some water and cloths.

  • Once you have gotten your mastiff she will follow you around most places you go. You can have her help you in battle if you so desire.

    launch mastiff at <enemy>

    She can do this once every few minutes.

  • First complete either Dharan-Sar: Smashing the Chest or Dharan-Sar: Treasury Looting. When you are in A large clay building you might find A wounded mastiff. If you did then you can do this quest. First you are going to need a bucket of water from Getting water in Dharan-Sar. Next you are going to need a cleansing cloth of some sort, you can get one from part of Pelargir: Healing the Corsair. From Pelargir signpost.

    do gate,2sw,4w,2s,se,e,se,e,3n,bribe caretaker with 100 gold,get cloth,knock on up door,u

    Now you are ready to heal the mastiff. You can move the mastiff somewhere safer if you like simply by picking her up.

    get mastiff

    and taking her somewhere else (like an inn room). You will need A wooden bucket with a rope attached to it and A wounded mastiff on the floor, and A square of cloth in your hands.

    cleanse wounds

    The mastiff will then fall asleep. After about 10 minutes you will see Mastiff suddenly barks happily and stands up!.

    claim mastiff

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