MT7: Belt for Darran (tracked)

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    Find a belt lost by a colleague of Darrans, and return it.

  • A slender rapier or 250 gold.

  • From the Western Osgiliath signpost (West of Osgiliath).

    do 3w,9n

  • Explore a sunken ship, retrieve an item from the depths and return it to the captain of the Citadel Guard in Minas Tirith.

  • Once you are on the deck, you can do the following to obtain A steel key, however the key is for a padlock in the depths of the ship which cannot be unlocked as it is too rusted.

  • do path,kill bear

    Once A hungry black bear is dead. Make sure you are unencumbered, as you will need to swim for a section of this quest and if you are too encumbered you will sink and be trapped until you drop your armour.

    wade to rock

    Wait until you see Finally, you reach the rock and scramble up the slippery surface..

    leap to rope

    If you see Too late, you realize that you are carrying too much! Before you can find the rope, the weight of your possessions drags you under! you brought too much in and will have to drop some before you drown (Once you drop enough weight you will automatically be returned to the shore).

    Once you see After flailing about for few seconds, you finally manage to grab the rope. Pulling yourself hand over hand, you make enough headway that you can find purchase on the rock and climb to the deck. you have succeeded.

    do pry hatch,hold,light lantern

    Now, make sure you have plenty of endurance, as you're going to be swimming for a while. If you hop inbetween the aft and forward rooms every 2-4 rounds of combat you will conserve endurance.

    do aft,get belt,kill eel

    Once A long slippery creature is dead.

    do get belt,forward,deck,shore

    Now you need to head to Darran. Complete Getting inside the White Tower.

    do w,s,arch,3u,s,sw,2nw,2u,2se,w,give belt to darran

    Darran, captain of the Citadel Guard will then examine the belt (which will cause 3 A tiny, flawless diamond to fall out which you can take and sell. He will then offer you a choice.[1] weapon or [2] gold.

    To get the rapier.


    To get the gold.


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